Pay it Forward With a Purpose

Imagine a group of about 10 women. They are from all walks of life and all different backgrounds. Some are quiet and reserved, some are outspoken, some are introverts, others are clearly extroverts. Picture these women getting to know each other for the first time, and then being in situations where they are spending more time together thereafter. Without any details about why they were brought together, where does your mind go when you imagine a group of women in just about any situation together? Do you see what I have seen so many times in life? Judgement, gossip, jealousy – are any of those ringing a bell? Not to say that all women behave this way but, based on my experiences and the experiences of others whom I’ve talked to, it seems to be a running theme that some of this likely exists in most groups of friends or acquaintances.

Now picture these same 10 women as a part of a true sisterhood. All loving and supporting one another, all ready to lift each other up when it is needed. Women who do not judge, but embrace the challenges, struggles and accomplishments that each one might be experiencing. Women who compliment one another, who point out how beautiful, or smart, or strong everyone is. Women who are authentic and honest and not afraid to speak their minds with each other. Now tell me, have you ever seen such a group? If so, that is simply spectacular and I hope that it remains in your life always!

I never thought I would see such a thing, let alone be a part of it. When I joined what I’ve been referring to as my ‘purpose group’, I had certainly hoped for friendship, but I never envisioned anything quite like what I’ve been experiencing. Who would have thought that a group of complete strangers would come together with a common goal in uncovering purpose in their lives, and end up building an insurmountable bond in such a short time? If I were to try to describe how this feels and what has been built and continues to be built upon with these women to any number of my friends, they would likely think I’ve gone off the deep end. I can hear them now referring to me as having crossed the line into some hippie dippie mindset. Quite frankly, when I started this whole process, I had no idea what to expect and didn’t say much to anyone close to me about it, other than my husband. But it is so much more than what I expected, it has already had such a profound change on my life in such a short time that I am honestly not concerned any longer with what anyone else might think. Everyone should have a taste of this in their lives.

We have video chats as a group every other week, and I find that I want them to happen even more often because I genuinely like these women. In between, we support each other on a private Facebook page. When someone is having a bad day, it’s an avenue to reach out for strength and we are all quick to offer it up. When someone has something to celebrate, we celebrate with her. I’ve received random texts and private messages just checking in or sending a bit of love my way. This process isn’t all easy, it can be painful and raw sometimes, but I am so amazed at how 10 women who were complete strangers less than two months ago are so willing to open up and to embrace each other. I am also pretty amazed that I’ve been able to do the same.

This is how women should treat each other in every situation, it builds strength and power and allows us to break through the glass ceiling that lies within so many us. It is truly a breath of fresh air and one that deserves to be shared. I still have a long way to go, but I cannot wait to see where this path takes me – and I am proud to know that each of these women will be by my side for the long haul, as I will be by theirs.

While this may not fall in line with my typical Pay it Forward Friday post, I do hope that it inspires another woman to make a move in their lives towards a sisterhood. It may not need to be exactly this type of situation that I’m describing above (although, I highly encourage it!), but if you would take time out today to just reach out to one other woman with a kind word of encouragement, a compliment, or just to tell her that you love her, then I feel like I’ve done my job here for the day.

I have Carin Rockind to thank for bringing together the beautiful group of women that inspire me each day. If you have any desire to uncover your purpose or even just find yourself as a part of a sisterhood, it might be worth checking out her site.

Love to you all!



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