Pay it Forward Friday

My heart has been heavy this week, and I’ve been in a state unlike any I’ve experienced before. It’s been difficult to be positive each day, and I’ve just been downright grumpy no matter how much I fight against it. The mornings are especially bad, and I love my mornings! This is the opposite of everything that I stand for, and I haven’t even recognized myself these past days. So why on earth would I start out this post with so much negativity when this day is all about bringing positivity to someone’s life? Let me explain.

When I woke up today, instead of the dread that I’ve been feeling all week about facing the stresses of the day ahead, my mind immediately went to what I was going to do to bring someone else joy on this Pay it Forward Friday. My spirits were lifted, my energy level soared, and my ‘normal’ self had come right back. I haven’t even given the negative thoughts any space in my head this morning, which feels spectacular. I’ve said it before, but setting an intention to pay someone a kindness will not only brighten their day, but it is certain to enlighten yours, as well. This Friday couldn’t have come at a better time, and while I’m not sure yet exactly how I will apply my random act of kindness today, I am enjoying the smile that it is bringing to my face while I contemplate my options.

What will you do to pay it forward this Friday? As always, if you need a bit of inspiration, I’ve included a couple of sites below that just might spark an idea. Doesn’t it feel good just to read some of these? Now go out and take action…and experience the joy.

35 Little Acts of Kindness – Compliments of Oprah

10 Heartwarming Acts of Kindness


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