Pay it Forward Friday

By now, it’s no secret that I’m a fan of random acts of kindness. After a reminder from my purpose coach, yesterday I chose to be kind to myself. We all get so busy doing for others, or 20170203_060857just being busy doing in general, that it is important to remember to stop and take some moments for ourselves. For me, that moment involved stepping away from the desk that I spend far too much time at and hitting up the local Whole Foods for a beautiful bouquet of deep red and burgundy flowers. The 30 minutes that this whole process took made the rest of my day so much better, and I am looking forward to walking into my office and seeing those flowers once again this morning. The simple things really do make a difference, even to ourselves.

Loving yourself is healing the world.

– Jaymie Gerard

For this Pay it Forward Friday, I still have an intention set to do something kind for someone else, but I will remember to also continue to be kind to myself. While I implore you to consider others today, I also call on you to take a moment to do something out of the ordinary just for you. Please come back and share what you’ve done, if you are so inclined.

Enjoy these bits of inspiration:

8 Random Acts of Self Kindness

Kindness Good – Self Kindness, Better

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