Pay It Forward Friday

Many of us look forward to Fridays, and I’m no exception. It’s the last day of the work week, and it’s the day that my husband comes home for our weekend together. I am still not thrilled that his job took him back to the road again, and so unexpectedly, but I’ve adjusted once again – just like I did for the 8 or so years that we went through this previously. Maybe one day we’ll get to live a “normal” life again – but for now, Fridays bring so much happiness my way.

As I’ve talked about before, Fridays are also the day that I set out to perform a random act of kindness with intention. Today will involve a $5 bill, a note that says #payitforwardfriday, and a random spot in the grocery store. What will you set out to do today?

In need of a little inspiration?

Random Acts of Kindness Define Who We Really Are

Midlands Minimalist – What Will Your Act of Kindness Be Today?


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