Pay It Forward Friday

Generosity lies less in giving much than giving at the right moment.”

-Jean De La Bruyere

It’s a quick post today, as I’m leaving on a jet plane to Miami this morning for my women’s purpose group retreat. To say I’m excited to meet the 10 women that I’ll be participating in this weekend’s events and the next 4 months of work together is an understatement. My new adventure into uncovering my purpose kicked off a few weeks ago, but the real work starts now!

As I head out, I hope that I can lend something of myself to these women, that I can provide support and encouragement, as well as friendship. There is no doubt in my mind that this will be a weekend of kindness and gratitude on a grand scale, but I am sure that I will find another way during the course of my travels today to offer up a random act of kindness. What will you do to pay it forward today?

For a little inspiration, enjoy this blogger’s post on a random act that meant something to her:

The Richness of a Simple Life – Random Act of Kindness

Looking for some ideas – check out 42 of them here:

Daring to Live Fully


Wishing you all a fabulous Friday!


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