Doing the Work

I often see the Daily Prompt and think to myself that I want to give it a try, only to end up passing right on by. This morning, while I scanned recent posts and saw that the prompt from yesterday was “retreat” – I stopped in my tracks. Sure, I’m a day late – but the word is actually very relevant to what is going on in my world and, in particular, to what I have kick-started today. You see, part of my journey into this blog stems from a new adventure that I’ve very recently given myself as a gift. This is unlike anything that I ever envisioned myself doing, it is forcing me to step outside of my box and push myself in a direction that I so desperately need. Under the guidance of a life coach, I am joining a small group of women on an journey of self discovery and empowerment over the next four months – and I couldn’t be more excited about this opportunity and the possibilities it could open for me.


How is this related to the prompt, “retreat”? While the group officially kicks off on January 1st, we will be heading to Miami for a retreat in just a few weeks. There is much work to do prior to the retreat, and beyond, but I am looking forward to the sisterhood that I think Miami will help to foster as we’ll all actually be able to meet one another. I expect that the support is going to be a tremendous part of this experience, and I am both eager and nervous about providing it as well as receiving it.


Today was special because with some alone time at home, it was the perfect opportunity for me to start planning out some of my time for the work ahead of me. On top of getting my calendar for the coming months in order, I spent hours doing some physical clearing – which primarily involved a long overdue closet and drawer clean out. It’s important for me to start this new journey without feeling bogged down, or having any clutter hanging around – both physically and emotionally, where possible. Today was a big step in the right direction and I feel much lighter, already. Tomorrow, I may visit some of the emotional work, but not until after a much deserved massage. As another part of this experience, it’s going to be important for me to reflect on my gratitude daily, so keeping a journal is going to be key. I was advised to choose one that I loved, one that really spoke to me when I saw it. It arrived today and I definitely chose wisely. It’s perfect!


I expect that I will have much to say on the blog about this new challenge that I am taking on, but I also respect the process and discretion of others. Therefore, I do not intend to reveal too many details about the specific program or other individuals, but I do intend to write about the personal impact – which I currently anticipate will be significant. Wish me luck!

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