In The Beginning

I am notorious for starting projects that I don’t finish – blogging, in particular. Why do I think this time will be any different? Because there is something inside of me that is yearning to get out. After hitting 40 (now 42) there has been a growing and ever persistent feeling that there is something greater out there for me, I want to have a purpose, I want to do something that fulfills me – I want to feel alive.

I don’t know what direction I will ultimately take, but I do know that this blog is just one way that I can not only document my journey, but can express so much of what I’ve wanted to get out for so long. I am ready to challenge myself, ready to do the planning and the work, ready to step outside of my box.

I’m beyond excited for this new start, and can’t wait to see where this adventure takes me. Follow if you like, I can’t promise where this will go, but I can promise that I will be authentic.

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